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YOU are a member of a heist crew about to pull off ONE LAST JOB. You and your crew are under the impression that you only have 24 HOURS left with one another - 12 to finalize your preparation, and 12 to pull off the heist itself.

You and your crew are wrong.

You are about to find yourselves trapped in a loop of those same 24 hours, living and reliving them as many times as it takes to identify every complication, refine your plan, and get it right. No one besides your crew will remember the previous loops as clear as day, but make a strong enough impression on someone in one loop and it might carry to the next. What you do here matters. What you do here has to matter, if you ever want to say your final goodbyes and get out of the game for good.

Time to drop. Fuck shit up.

Time To Drop is a GM-less tabletop game where you and your friends take on the roles of a heist crew trapped in a time loop, trying to get their final job right and ride off into the sunset with the goods. You'll use dice and a tarot/oracle deck to determine and overcome Complications such as your Mark, and the Guard of the goods you're after, ally with NPCs, and spend downtime phases working through your feelings about the crew splitting up.

Time To Drop was written for the Record Collection 2k22 Jam, and is designed to be played while listening to Nonagon Infinity by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. It also includes seven optional challenge modes to play.


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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I played through in a group of 5 friends and it was so fun! We almost cleared the first loop, then failed three times in the second... 

Also, I made a Google Sheet template for running Time To Drop online, if you want to take a look. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jB0dKWl7q0GJ5OzvkdJI2ulUDKzOVuIDvsdSuzW2..

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Woah, this is rad! Do you have a twitter or homepage I can credit? I'd love to give this a shoutout on my twitter

My twitter is @rau_derek if you want to post credit. Thanks so much! I put a lot of work into making it look nice

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We playtested the 1.2 rules during the Moon Landing charity stream and it was an incredible game! Here's part 1 of that actual play.

Played this with my mom and sister yesterday. We cleared it in two loops, our dice LOVED US! It was such a blast, coming up with what all the cards meant and roleplaying the team and all the NPCs. It went in a completely wild direction from what we'd planned, which only got us laughing nearly uncontrollably. Thank you for such a fun game!

yoooo this rules!! i’m glad you had a blast!